How to choose a mattress?

How to choose a mattress?

Sleep. One of the most important things in our lives. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. That's why choosing the right mattress should be taken seriously – it will give us strength and energy to get through the other two-thirds of our lives with a smile on our face. Firstly, let’s figure out for whom it is better to choose a softer mattress and who will benefit more from a traditional, firm futon.
In case you prefer softer mattresses, you need to have a strong and healthy back. When you sleep, your back goes through a certain process. On a soft mattress, your back muscles and tendons are completely relaxed and loose – your body goes through so-called passive relaxation. With this kind of relaxation, it is recommended to stretch your body in the morning and start your day in an active way.
The Japanese futons, on the other hand, are firm and natural mattresses that will keep your tendons sightly tense throughout the night and only allow your muscles to relax. This way you'll give your body so-called active relaxation. The Japanese futon can adapt to your body perfectly and make you feel fresh and rested in the morning. In the beginning, you may experience some mild muscle pain; however, this problem disappears completely in 1–2 days of using the futon and can be avoided entirely by choosing the ideal firmness of the mattress. You can read about the firmness scale of the Japanese futons in the article below. Thanks to the completely natural fabrics and fibres that have up to five times greater absorption capacity than regular mattresses, futons are suitable also for people suffering from allergies. That means your body can rest in an ideally comfortable and dry bed.


Firmness scale:

This will help you choose the ideal firmness of your futon. Every futon is given a firmness grade. The firmness scale goes from 1 to 5 whereas 1 marks the softest futons and 5 the firmest.


The firmest futon (mattress)

The firmness of these futons can be put down to the addition of coconut fibres which are used to make some of the harder futons. We recommend the Coconut Mattress and the healthy Flax and Coconut Mattress.


Firm futon (mattress)

Is at the same time the most affordable one. It is made from pure cotton.


Medium firm futon (mattress)

Top quality futons. Suitable for almost every user. We recommend the Foam and Coconut mattress and the Mattress with Coconut Fibres.


Softened futon (mattress)

A soft futon for an attractive price. Suitable for young people and students. We recommend the Latex Mattress (futon).


The softest futon (mattress)

Softest and most comfortable futons. Suitable for women, children and the elderly. We recommend the Horsehair Mattress and the Natural Mattress with Horsehair