Why futon beds?

Why futon beds?


Health and tradition

Futons are mattresses well-proven by history. Even nowadays, more than 90 % of Japanese people sleep on futons. At the same time, the percentage of the Japanese suffering from back pain and spine-related health problems is very low. The literal translation of Futon is “firm”. Futon is a firm mattress with a soft feeling; it is great for people suffering from allergies or asthma. This is because of the natural fabrics and fibres which have five times greater absorption capacity than regular mattresses. Thanks to this your body is kept dry and cosy throughout the entire night. Moreover, there is the so-called active relaxation taking place when you sleep. That means that your tendons remain slightly tense and only your muscles relax which contributes to your feeling well-rested and fresh in the morning.

Natural, comfortable and stylish

Surround yourself with nature – no metal coils, no synthetic materials. The Japanese futon will give you the best-quality sleep and comfort. Rely on natural materials such as cotton, wool, coconut, latex or horsehair to take care of your rest. Never was sleep more alluring than now.
Modern, timeless design. Genuine futon goes well with a frame that will please both the people who value the eastern tradition and those with a keen eye for detail. Both the mattresses and the frames are custom made – you’ll get a true original. You can pick the colour of your futon and frame according to your taste. Choose a standard bed or a great, practical folder sofa for a smaller apartment.



The price of futons is lower or comparable to the price of regular mattresses. You’ll save some money and invest in your health at the same time.